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A.D.A. (エイダ eida) is a Metatron-based artificial intelligence installed on orbital frame Jehuty.


Zone of the Enders[]

When the young Leo Stenbuck accidentally boards Jehuty during BAHRAM's raid on the Antilia Colony, he is appalled at A.D.A.'s callous use of reason to justify killing any living opposition to complete the mission that Jehuty had been assigned to. Conversely, A.D.A. frequently comments that Leo behaves illogically, making decisions based more on confused sentiment than more practical considerations.

However, A.D.A.'s design requires that she obey the runner who pilots the frame, so the most she can do to object is make commentary. She eventually is crippled by an information warfare attack launched by BAHRAM. In order to restore her functionality, Leo manually pilots Jehuty to the factory where A.D.A. was created. Interfacing with the factory network via a computer node, A.D.A. was able to initiate a system restore function, effectively "rebooting" her. This clears her cache of pilot-specific adjustments and she begins to adapt to Leo's combat style. It is at this point that she inherits Leo's respect for human life. After successfully escaping from the Antilia Colony and boarding the freighter Atlantis, A.D.A. reveals the next stage of her mission: to destroy the fortress Aumaan, by going to Mars where she will penetrate the military fortress' core and initiate a self-destruct sequence of Jehuty's anti-proton reactor to destroy the fortress from within. Elena Weinberg reveals that A.D.A.'s self-destruct program was inserted by the UNSF into the nucleus of A.D.A.'s core as a last resort in case BAHRAM recaptured Jehuty and took it back to Aumaan. A.D.A. justifies this by saying that "this is the meaning of living for those who have no life."

Leo, who had developed concern for A.D.A., was distraught and arranged to have Jehuty hidden from both BAHRAM and the United Nations Space Force in order to stop A.D.A. from completing her mission. Jehuty was hid in a cargo container on Callisto where the Metatron in the moon would mask the frame's Metatron signature.

Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner[]

While there, A.D.A. is effectively "asleep" until Dingo Egret's discovery of Jehuty reactivates her.

Afterwards, Leo encountered Dingo and thus wanted to reclaim Jehuty and force Dingo out. Dingo, however, reveals that he was attached to Jehuty as life support and thus is unable to leave the Frame, and argues that if he destroys Aumaan, then A.D.A. will have no more reason to self-destruct, preserving her existence and his own as well. Leo, seeing how Dingo expressed concern over A.D.A's mission at Aumaan, entrusts Jehuty to him.

After Dingo destroys Aumaan by throwing Anubis's disembodied head at the core, A.D.A. is then seen asking Leo if she disobeyed an order, upon which Leo casually tells her to disregard it.


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  1. The Orbital Frame was created approximately 7 years before the events of The Second Runner

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