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Antilia is a Taurus-type space colony that orbits Jupiter's moon Europa. It is notable for being the home of Leo Stenbuck, the protagonist of Zone of the Enders, and the manufacturing site of the Orbital Frames Jehuty and Anubis.


Antilia was constructed on the Jupiter moon Europa L5 as a support base for the excavation of Jupiter's resources. In 2149, colonization to Antilia began and people began to occupy the space colony. NUT Ltd. research and development facilities were relocated here from Mars after the Deimos Incident, and research on the Orbital Frame was continued until the year 2172, when the UNSF and UCM forcibly occupied the area and took over NUT research labs over concerns arising from Orbital Frame construction.[1]

In response, BAHRAM flew to Antilia to "liberate the colony", easily gaining victory through the use of its Orbital Frames and forcing the UNSF to retreat from Antilia. However, in doing so, BAHRAM caused the vicinities of Jupiter to be viewed not as a frontier of hope, but rather as a hotbed of conflict.[2]


Antilia possesses a main shaft through which ships can enter and exit the colony. About the colony is a large ring. All civilian objects in the colony are fueled by microwave energy from the outer EPS system as mandated by environmental protection law. It is the most remote of all civilian outposts, and exists as a residential colony of roughly 100,000 laborers who work to excavate and transport Helium-3 and Metatron resources from the mines.[1]

Residential sites are divided into blocks, each of which possess a letter from the English alphabet followed by a double-digit number (i.e. S02).

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Antilia is named after the legendary island of the same name.

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