Ardjet is the Orbital Frame piloted by Ken Marinaris.

Technical Specifications[edit | edit source]

Class: Type C Orbital Frame
Purpose: General
Piloted By: Ken Marinaris
Weapons: Arm Cannon, WISP, Grab, Shield, Invulnerable Laser

Description[edit | edit source]

Like Neith and Nephtis, Ardjet possesses a feminine shape, its cockpit noticeably smaller than most Frames. It has a black and white color scheme with a yellow human-like face with black slits for eyes framed by an arrow-decorated helmet. Ardjet's abilities are more suited for long range combat as it does not perform well in close encounters although it can manifest energy blades from its hands should the need arise. It is adorned in a long flowing cape that is actually made up of many 'WISPs'; missile-like drones with smart-homing capabilities that serve a dual purpose: as typical missiles or to grab faraway objects and pull them in. Once all WISPs have been used, they must recover and rejoin into the cape form, leaving Ardjet vulnerable to attack. Its Burst attack consists of morphing its cape into a coffin-like structure, guarding it against all attacks as it gathers immense power in a circular fashion before finally releasing it as a concentrated beam of energy. While not terribly fast, it is able to leave afterimages in its wake via Dash bursts.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ardjet's design bear similarity with Vierge and El Regrs (El Regulus). Vierge is gear and El Regrs (El Regulus) is an omnigear, both belongs to Elly Van Houten from Xenogears.
  • Ardjet's name is another name of the Egyptian Goddess Hathor and also shares a shield ability similar to the orbital frame named Hathor.

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