Aumann or "Project Aumaan" is a space fortress capable of destroying entire solar systems. Constructed on the Mars satellite, Phobos, its activation, according to BAHRAM scientist Lloyd, could herald universal destruction.

Aumaan heavily involves Metatron, both as a power source and as a motive, as Nohman's motive for attempting to activate Aumaan was to "follow the will of Metatron." While regarded as a weapon of mass destruction, Aumaan exhibits mysterious augmentative properties, amplifying the powers of the Orbital Frame Anubis to match those of Naked Jehuty.

Zone of the Enders: The 2nd RunnerEdit

At the climax the game, Nohman programs Aumaan to self-destruct at full capacity. Dingo Egret averts a cataclysmic fallout by throwing Anubis's head at the core of Aumaan's system. The explosion is buffered significantly but the resulting blast engulfs all of Phobos and causes significant damage to Naked Jehuty.


Like most of the Orbital Frames in Zone of the Enders, which has an Egyptain origin, Aumaan is most probably derived from Amun ,which is also pronounced as Ammon the Egyptian God of Creation. On the other hand, Aumaan can also be derived from Amaunet , who is the consort of Amun, meaning the female hiddened one in Egyptian.

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