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B.I.S. (an acronym of "Born In Space") is a resistance group led by Deckson Geyse in Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars. The group originates in the space colonies, and is frequently mistaken for a terrorist organization.



After Deckson leaves the UNSF, he begins to investigate Earth's dealings on Mars. This investigation brought him a growing support base that would lead him to form B.I.S. The organization has since in its inception has taken a non killing stance against the forces of Mars. Their LEVs aim to disable enemy units and only destroy unmanned units as they seek to be viewed as liberators rather than another terrorist group such as BAHRAM.

The Fist of Mars[]

Cage Midwell joins BIS and the group becomes instrumental, inadvertently causing a full-scale revolt by the Martian people against Earth, leading to chaos, anarchy, and Ares Enduwa's attempt to turn the revolt into a war against Earth. They finally met their goals, but the act of exploiting Earth scientist Dezeele Zephyrs's bad deeds only helps BAHRAM to further rally the people under its flag.

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