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Baan Dorfloum (バーン・ドルフォーム Bān Dorufōmu) is a high-ranking officer of WYRED and the UNSF featured in Zone of the Enders: Dolores,i. He is often seen with his assistant Sameggi.


Dorfloum is most well known for being a racist who believes that Martians (Enders) "stink and shouldn't exist." He chases the fugitive Links family far and wide, always addressing James Links as "John Carter" and raging at him for being an Ender (ironically so, as James was a UNSF veteran born on Earth). His grey UNSF uniform and blond hair likely hearken back to the Nazis, of which he seems to be a parody of.

Though his rage and racism are mostly comical in nature, he proved to be quite ruthless and probably insane; venting his rage against Martian civilans and other UNSF units who are not as enthusiastic to ignore BAHRAM attacks to chase Links.


When Dorfloum finally catches up to the Links family on Mars, he orders their arrest, but surprisingly, Sameggi and the other LEV pilots all disregard his orders, as they were more interested in Links's plan to stop BAHRAM's attack on Earth than arresting him. Despite being faced with this opposition, he angrily attempts to proceed with his plans, but is quickly relieved and handcuffed by Sameggi. He undoes his handcuffs and takes control of his APC's gun and attempts to fire upon the Links family's truck while Sameggi negotiates with James. Afterwards, he escapes the APC and despite having no gear, hijacks a UNSF Phantoma LEV and attempts to shoot down Dolores. As James and Radium Lavans do battle, he fires at Radium, but Radium's insulting comments on Baan being an Earther causes him to switch his targets. Ultimately, this proves useless, as his LEV is effortlessly destroyed by Radium and he falls to his death.

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