Bizac (バイザック Baizakku) is an advanced LEV developed by Dezeele Zephyrs for Bolozof Velasgo. It appears as a boss and a sub-boss in Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars.

Bizac is usually piloted by Bolozof's second in command, Nadia Candido. Amante Furlair is also seen using it before she reveals her identity as a BAHRAM double-agent and leaves Bolozof for dead. Bizac appears exactly the same as Bizac S, Bolozof's personal LEV, but is slightly weaker. Bolozof comments that the Bizac line is above the average LEV, and the BIzac's demonstrated strength implies that the Bizac line was infused with Metatron, similar to the Vic Viper as a hybrid of LEV and Orbital Frame technology. Lance Jimmer later confirms that the Bizac line was indeed fused with Metatron, and that the addition of such implements resulted in Bolozof's Metatron poisoning.


Move: 5

Shell: 500

Move Type: Land

Name: Bizac

HP: 4000

EN: 130

Drops $1000 when destroyed.

Weapon Power Range Hit Type Can Stun? Spirit Ammo UsedEN Note
Laser Blade Icon-Arrow 950 1 (+10) Fighter No 0 0 2
Beam Gun 1050 2-5 (-5) Shooter No 0 0 10



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