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Bonaparte III is the cargo transport ship that Cage Midwell and Ares Enduwa work on at the beginning of Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars. It is shown to carry two cargo containers, one on each side, not unlike the Ender.


Bonaparte III was attacked by Iblis and Ares Enduwa shortly after the start of the game. Pharsti deduces Bonaparte III to have self-destructed, though the ship was mostly empty and there were forty two survivors.[1] Ned Noashim, however, "investigates" the ship and determines that nobody survived; it is hinted that he was responsible for their deaths. Casualties included an "Adam Twize" and "Alman Ov...".

Bonaparte III is revealed to have been maintained by the UNSF, revealing that Testament and Iblis were originally manufactured by Earthers.


The name of the ship is named after Napoleon III the French emperor of the second French empire and the Nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte

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