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Deckson Geyse (デクスン・ガイズ Dekusun Gaizu) is the founder of BIS, an integral part of the Mars Resistance movement, although is unaware of the extent of his influence. Deckson drives Edge, a large tank which can also refuel and rearm other units. In the good story path, Edge is upgraded to Calibur and in the 24-scene path, Deckson runs Vjaya.


Deckson's main quality is his dedication, though it is his dedication to his work in the UNSF that causes his wife to leave him. However, at the same time, he is a family man, and having lost his main motivation in life and besieged with guilt over his participation in affairs with the Enders, he left the UNSF and began to investigate Earth's suspicious dealings. Deckson would gladly give his life to support the Martian cause.[3]

Deckson is also humble, as he believes the he merely lends a hand to the Mars Resistance movement but does not realize the full extent of his influence in Martian politics.



Deckson and Tim Frazer were brothers; the two go as far back as to form a secret code that Frazer would later write on the case for the anti-stealth. The two would have a falling out, however, when they both ended up liking the same girl.

Deckson was formerly a UNSF officer who enjoyed moderate success and worked for the sake of his family. However, long work hours eventually caused his wife to file for divorce, and Deckson later left the UNSF to investigate Earth's dealings on Mars. This investigation brought him a growing support base that would lead him to form BIS.[3]

Some time before getting captured by Frazer and meeting Cage Midwell, Deckson would stop Mebius K. Lylekraft from committing suicide due to the trauma of losing both her stillborn child and husband. He would also take Phil under his wing after the latter's family was killed and the manufacturer of the faulty medicine attempted to blame the child for the incident, as well as Razma Cascade Jr. and Semyl Shambrow when they decide to join BIS.

The Fist of Mars[]

Deckson is first introduced as another prisoner in the cell that Cage Midwell and Myona Alderan are held in. Due to Ares Enduwa's efforts, Deckson manages to escape and attracts the attention of a few security LEV's. Cage, along with Razma Cascade Jr. and Semyl Shambrow, manage to escape.

In the 25-scene path, Deckson pushes Phil out of the cockpit of his Grafficane and pilots it afar to keep the explosion from harming the sphere. In the 24-scene path, Deckson does the same with Nadia Candido and her Scarmiglione. Either action leads to his death in the storyline.

"Cage...what is a human life, anyway? In the scope of the universe, a life is nothing but the tiniest glimmer of light, a split second. But within us lies the anger, the despair, that can set the entire universe ablaze.... I could never quite figure it out. If you have it figured out when we meet next, you'll have to share your findings with me."
—Deckson, shortly before piloting the frame away



  • It is revealed when Phil endeavors to make sandwiches for the members of BIS that Deckson dislikes cucumbers.


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