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Due to the Dolores A.I.'s vibrant personality, she envisions herself, and is envisioned, in a variety of forms. The most commonplace one in the first few episodes is a human-sized version of her Orbital Frame. Later, as she reads Cinderella, she envisions herself as a storybook princess. After her circuits are damaged by Hathor's attack, she is shown as an exact replica of Dolores Hayes. Later, in James' final match with Radium, she takes on the appearance of a child-version of Dolores.


In a combination of perhaps her human template's orginal personality and tragic death, Dolores could only be descibed as childish, at least in the sense that could be applied to an Orbital Frame. She is notably conscious of engaging in combat with manned UNSF Levs, much to James Links's consternation, and only engages when Links disables the LEVs. She is also shown desiring to be a human again; she makes notions of getting a job, in spite of her status as a prototype Orbital Frame, and in her virtual headspace, she uses a human-sized avatar of her Orbital Frame body.

Also, thanks to the influence of her "Sir Uncle", she develops a paternal sense. She is willing to defend James's children, Leon and Noel, in spite of her reluctance for combat, and she fosters a relationship with BAHRAM pilot Rebecca Hunter. While her initial relationship with Rebecca is frosty on the latter's part, Dolores goes to great lengtha to protect her and successfully rescues her during the BAHRAM attack on the Earth Orbital Elevator.


The Dolores A.I. is first shown inside her pink cargo container, which James Links soon acquires and attempts to transport to Mars. The A.I. sings Rachel's Lullaby, causing James to notice and wonder if his wife Rachel is in the cargo bay. The A.I. then introduces herself as "Dolores, an Orbital Frame." Shortly after the UNSF realize that James Links is the trucker who took the cargo that was meant for a recently killed trucker, Dolores hides within her container again, and lets the inspectors inspect her cargo. A Yan, however, is hidden among the inspectors, and quickly kills the inspectors and chases after James. Dolores manages to block the Yan's bullets with her hand, and James enters her cockpit and escapes the ship.

After Radium's raid of the Earth Orbital Elevator, Dolores is shown to have been re-attached as an extension to the Ender. She complains that despite being the world's smartest supercomputer, she is not treated properly, as shown when James hangs his wet laundry within reach of her computer circuits, and adds that she came back because James "cried and begged so much". She also considers herself to be fat for being attached to a heavily-loaded cargo carrier.[2]

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  1. The Orbital Frame was created approximately 5 years before the events of Dolores,i
  2. Episode 26

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