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The Earth Orbital Elevator is a structure extending from the surface of Earth into outer space built in 2045[1]. It becomes the focus of the second part of Zone of the Enders: Dolores,i.

Mechanics and Functions[]

Trains move up and down the Elevator for purposes of transporting all manners of goods. Truckers like James Links frequently fly their cargo from the Elevator to other locations in space as part of their work. Due to the low gravity in the Elevator, it is common to see stations protruding from all sides, not just toward the surface of the Earth.

Significant to the Elevator's structure is Anchor Station, which consists of a heavy, mineral-covered rock encasement that serves as the primary stabilization between the lower and upper levels of the Elevator. Should the Elevator suffer any damage and threaten to fall upon Earth, the second and third stations can be disconnected in order to help the Elevator maintain its balance.[2] A series of ascending and descending rings called "foils" can also be positioned to balance the Elevator; LEV's can even be positioned on the foils to fire at any close-range threat.



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