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Elena Weinberg (エレナ・ワインバーグ Erena Wainbāgu) is the second pilot and commander of the civilian transport vessel Atlantis. A kind and caring individual, Elena commissions Leo with the duty of transporting Jehuty to Atlantis whilst helping the young man cope with the harsh realities of war.


Zone of the Enders[]

Elena initially contacts Leo after his first successful battle aboard Jehuty. She comforts the young boy and his guilt of having taken another life. Noting Leo's innate ability to operate Jehuty's combat system and the death of Alan—her lover and Jehuty's intended runner—she acknowledges Leo as the only individual capable of transporting Jehuty to Atlantis. Against Leo's reluctance, Elena kindly convinces Leo to cooperate.

Zone of the Enders 2[]

Elena becomes Leo's commanding officer and a stern mentor to the young man. She commands the troupe responsible for securing Jehuty for transport to Mars.


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