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Iblis (イブリース Iburīsu) is an Orbital Frame piloted by Ares Enduwa in Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars.


Iblis was developed along side its twin Frame, Testament in the Animus Series of Orbital Frames. Testing the IDO Mindflow System. It was built on Earth by the UNSF.


Iblis is identical to its twin in every way of weapons and armor, except for the Mindflow System. Iblis contains the first version of the system, which could only be used by pilots who had been genetically modified before they were born to interface with the system. This system used the Orbital Frame's A.I. to relay brainwaves directly to the pilot's mind. The modified pilot would need to be given key commands to then activate his/her "genetic hard code" that would make them follow the orders, thus turning them into perfectly obedient soldiers.

Although the system was seen as efficient. It would take years to make clones to run the system. This was changed with the Beta version of the system, which was capable of overriding the pilot's brainwaves and gaining the same results. This was the IDO Mindflow system which was believed to be installed on Testament.


  • When active, the IDO Mindflow System almost perfectly emulates the effects Idolo had on Radium Lavans (except the actions can be controlled through orders given to the A.I.) The UNSF most likely developed it so they could have "perfect soldiers".
  • Iblis and Testament are arguably the only Orbital Frames created on Earth centered on the basis of the Idolo Standard Type. Ironically, both end up being used by Mars liberation forces.