Zone of the Enders Idolo (1)

The Idolo Standard Type (a.k.a Type-C Orbital Frame) is an unofficial term for a common variant of high level orbital frames that are designed around the design parameters and weapon load out of the prototype for the orbital frame project, Idolo. This variant is popular perhaps because of its balanced capabilities, capable of both medium and short ranged combat and boasting good speed and durability. They have a high capacity for subweapons in their vector traps, though they lack any special defences and are predicable in their capabilities.

It seems a common practice within BAHRAM for all new prototype orbital frames to be produced in pairs, with one conservatively built to these specifications (likely as a control group for easy comparison) and another bearing a more experimental design. Examples include Jehuty and Anubis, Isis and Hathor, and Iblis and Testament.

The effectiveness of this loadout have also produced some similar but distinct variations, with orbital frames such as the Durandal II given twin blades to focus more on close combat and Orcrist equipped with a arm mounted caster to focus more on long range sniping.=