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Ifrit is an Orbital Frame which appears as a regular enemy in the bad story path of Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars. It appears as a regular enemy in the game's later levels piloted by mind-controlled rebels, and later as an unmanned variant, similarly to Grafficane.


Ifrit is functionally identical to a 'bare' version of Testament, without any of the Local Server upgrades which the player could normally receive. In addition to this, the runner's level is usually lower than Cage's level at that point. These factors render Ifrit much less effective than Testament, but it makes up for this weakness when it becomes a regular enemy by appearing in great quantities.

Ifrit is also distinguished from Testament by its red color and the presence of Mindflow System Gamma, which allows the frame runner's mind to be controlled by an external influence, such as Dezeele Zephyrs. The Gamma version works better with children, who have more malleable minds than adults, causing Ned Noachim to kidnap children to operate the Ifrit's. Dezeele Zephyrs considers Ifrit the final result of his Animus series.

In Scene 23 of the bad story path, the Pandora Frettum orphans are instilled as pilots into three Ifrit's, which the player must attack up close to rescue them. After this is done, the then-unmanned Ifrit will retreat. It should be noted that the Mindflow System Gamma enables the manned Ifrits to produce stronger, though less accurate, attacks than their unmanned counterparts.

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