Inhert (インヘルト Inheruto) is the Orbital Frame piloted by Lloyd.


Inhert appears as a somewhat skeletal, sickly humanoid Frame carrying a pair of knives in each hand. Its entire body is adorned with multiple dots that it can pull out and throw as homing missiles. Its golden head features an angelic statue.

Unlike the other Orbital Frames, Inhert is controlled from its cranium, rather than the usual groin location of the cockpit. The Frame is normally covered in a thick coat of black gel that can either be used as a scapegoat for its apparent Zero Shift-like ability or to coat an entire room in absolute darkness for sneak attacks. It also uses magnetic rays in its power train.[1]

VS GameplayEdit

While Inhert is a bit of an odd Orbital Frame to handle, it is nonetheless as efficient as the other playable machines. It retains most of its attacks; its normal Shot fires a large widespread of beam shots in a cross formation, giving it incredible horizontal range. Its Dash Shot has it pull its Homing Missiles from its body and more can be fired by tapping the Square button. Its Burst Shot has it release its Floating Mines, displacing them as it floats in a straight line. These are by far the strongest weapons in VS Mode as they can quickly reduce a frame to half of its health with one hit. While it has a very limited melee range, it has its own Zero Shift-like ability but is not impeded by obstacles and can be used to escape from combo attacks. Because of its slime coating, it automatically slips its way out of all Grab attempts.


  • Inhert is an alternate spelling of "Anhur", which is the name of an Egyptian god of war, whose name in turn is translated to "(one who) leads back the distant one." Rather ironically, Inhert mostly runs away from Jehuty during their engagement.
  • Inhert and its runner were designed by Atlus character designer, Kazuma Kaneko.


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