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James Links is the protagonist of the anime series Zone of the Enders: Dolores,i and the pilot of the Orbital Frame Dolores throughout the series.


After Rachel left the family and James had an argument with his commander in the UNSF, he is shown to have taken to drinking away his sorrows. The trauma from Rachel leaving and resulting alcholism was more than enough for James to retire from the Space Force and take up trucking, with only Pete the cat as company.  

James is shown to place a significant emphasis on family, buying several books and following the guidelines of Isaac Barret's to ensure that he eventually pieces his family back together, even though Leon and Noel are grown adults with their own career. While at first, it lends to more comical behavior such as getting his children to eat meals together during their exodus to Mars, it does lead to reconciliation as the family are forced to work together to survive being chased from practically all of Earth and Mars. James notably leaves behind his drinking after the Links family reaches Mars.  

James is also shown to be generous to characters who are younger than him. While his initial relationship with Dolores is originally frosty (mainly due to annoyance with her behavior and initial discomfort in helping him escape the UNSF manhunt), he assumes a paternal role to "Doll-face" as her "Sir Uncle" as the two work together, to the point where James is able to snap Dolores out of an identity crisis involving her old human identity . Also, despite the fact that Rebecca Hunter was a BAHRAM soldier that tried to kill him, he still treats her warmly, as if she was his own daughter, even as she continually hunts him down to make sense of his kindeness. 


James spends the majority of the series avoiding capture due to circumstances involving Dolores and his search for his long-lost wife, Rachel. An Earth-born man, though devout to his Martian wife, James seeks to reconcile his relationship with her as well as with his estranged children. However, his circumstances (shipped a prototype Orbital Frame from his supposedly late wife and on the run with his estranged children after being framed  for killing a UNSF officer) causes a huge amount of headaches, especially as he runs into a diverse set of figures whether they be UNSF, BAHRAM, or civilians. However, after reuniting with his wife, Links chooses to intervene and stop BAHRAM extremists led by Radium Levans from dropping the Earth Orbital Elevator onto the planet. 


  • James' profile indicates that he was born in the state of California in the United States. [2]

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