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Leon Links (レオン・リンクス Reon Rinkusu) is the son and older child of James and Rachel Links .


Leon despises his father because of the drama that had arisen from Rachel deserting the family for Mars and James's alcoholism. He is somewhat more cowardly and less self-assured than his sister Noel, and unlike his sister, completely rejected correspondence from his father.[2]He also displays hints of suffering from an Oedipus complex, as shown when he started a romantic relationship with a senior manager, which likely stemmed from her resemblance to his mother, at least until she sells him out to the Space Force. Leon has, however, received his father's compliments warmly and almost enthusiastically, especially when his skills in computer programming have been put to use for the family. By the end, he is more self-assured of himself, and more willing to be as quick-thinking as his father, especially with his scheme to lighten the Earth Orbital Elevator to buy time when it was damaged at great personal risk to himself and Noel.


By the beginning of the series, Leon has risen up to become the secretary of a well-known trading firm, and is subsequently fired from his firm due to his father being branded a murderer. This leads him to chase after his sister, and convince her to join him to search for their father. Leon's first reaction at his father is less than friendly, punching him repeatedly and enthusiastically turning him in to the police.

It is greatly hinted that at least some part of Leon's success had to do with his relations with a married senior manager, who bore a great resemblance to his mother. However, when she sells him out to the Space Force, he flees with his father and sister, despite his still frosty relationship.

However, the Mars exodus has caused Leon to not only reconcile with James, but also demonstrate self-confidence as well as being quick-thinking. Notably, his scheme for buying time during BAHRAM's assault on the Earth Orbital Elevator put him and Noel at great risk, but they are successful, even if they only narrowly escaped being killed by a Raptor thanks to a UNSF Phantoma.

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