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"Get out of my way!"
—Dingo Egret
"Find another way!"
—Lt. Volkovo, replying to Dingo

Lieutenant Volkovo (ヴォルコヴォ Vorukovo) is a BAHRAM officer who pilots the Orbital Frame Zakat. He is shown as wearing a sleeveless, red-colored suit with large gray shoulder pads, sunglasses and white dreadlocks.


Volkovo is the leader of a group of four armor-clad men collectively known as the Zakat Runners, who are responsible of manning the massive machine. Zakat ambushed Jehuty in the skies of Mars, at which point the latter engaged and destroyed the seemingly invincible war machine, while Volkovo & his henchmen ejected from Zakat as the Orbital Frame fell in flames. Their fate afterwards remains unknown, however it is known that they are still alive.


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