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Mebius K. Lylekraft (メビュース・K・ライクラフト Mebyūsu Kei Raikurafuto) is a character featured in The Fist of Mars.


Mature beyond her years, Mebius's caring, soft, beautiful exterior hides a keen strategic mind. She has a motherly role towards the younger BIS pilots, perhaps partially due to her trauma of losing her own child. She defends Phil from Razma's antagonism, and makes comments on Razma's increasing maturity while casually brushing aside his attempts to woo her. Her eyes are often closed, but open when she is extremely angry.

Mebius's conversations with Deckson implies that she has feelings for him, but she either does not realize this or is in denial as they work together and as she remains loyal to her dead husband.[1]



It is hinted from Mebius's knowledge and familiar use of Ned Noachim's nickname and former pirate group Scarface that she was involved with it in some manner.

At some point in the past, Mebius moved to Mars with her husband. One day, her husband decided to go buy a toy for their unborn baby, but was killed in an accident. The accident caused her to lose her baby due to a miscarriage. Later, the suicidal Mebius would meet Deckson Geyse, who conducted research into the accident to prove that it was an Earth general's mistake, and joined BIS.[1]


Shortly after Ned decides to attack Robin O'Connell's laboratory in order to force her out, Mebius appears with Orcrist and effortlessly wards off Ned.

Orbital Frame[]

Mebius pilots BIS's first Orbital Frame, Orcrist. Despite being fragile, it is lithe and nimble, and has exceptionally powerful ranged attacks. However, its defensive capabilities and hand-to-hand ineptitude means that it rarely sees close-range-combat.



Mebius's first name may refer to the series Ultraman Mebius, or the Mobius strip.


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