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Nadia Candido (ナディア・キャンディッド Nadia Kyandiddo) is a member of the UNSF Special Task Force Acemos, though her allegiance may change multiple times throughout the story.


Nadia is a woman with blue eyes and short wavy blue hair.


Nadia holds romantic feelings towards her commander Bolozof Velasgo, and blushes shyly when addressing him by his first name. Perhaps to this end, Nadia follows the UNSF's orders very strictly, berating Ned Noachim for causing more trouble than necessary.

Despite being Martian herself, Nadia believes that by following Bolozof, she will be considered an Earther and will distance herself from her Martian origins. This shatters abruptly when Bolozof captures Nadia after her failure to guard the factory and holds her hostage as one of the "terrorists", upon which Nadia becomes heartbroken by Bolozof's cold shoulder and being replaced by Amante Furlair and loses her reason to live. She does, however, allow herself to be saved by her old teacher Frazer.

Nadia's motive for stigmatizing her Martian origins likely stems from her abandonment by her parents. She mentions that her lack of taste for Earth food stems from Martians having been conditioned to be not human. Regardless, if recruited, she will give Cage a military switchblade, though is unable to bring herself to give it to him face to face.



At some point in the past, Nadia was abandoned by her parents, and later sought to distance herself from her Martian origins. These feelings become more extreme upon meeting Bolozof.

UNSF Acemos[]

Good Story Path[]

If she is not defeated in the Bizac while attempting to guard the Ryan Corporation's factory, Nadia will join BIS.

Bad Story Path[]

If Nadia is not recruited, she will answer Bolozof's call soon after his first defeat and arrive in an Ifrit. If defeated, the frame will explode and she will die willingly, having served Bolozof to her heart's content.



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  2. Good story path: her frame must not be destroyed in Scene 9 and she will join in Scene 16
  3. Bad story path: scene 20, Deckson speaks to her

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