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Neith (pronounced: Neet) is a Type C Orbital Frame piloted by BAHRAM officer Viola Gyune in Zone of the Enders.


Neith's design is rather unique compared to most Orbital Frames. Its color scheme consists of many shades of orange only, its shape decidedly feminine in nature, even so far as to have small breast-like protrusions at the chest area. Its head is mostly triangular in shape with a circular device behind it which seems to emit sonar-like sounds. On its arms are rod-like weapons. The rods both function as a firearm and a melee-weapon. For the former, it fires homing shots with fairly good accuracy while in the latter, the rods are powered up with energy to slash close-range targets. On the back of its waist area are three long fin-like protrusions acting as the boosters. It possesses similar attacks to Jehuty such as a homing shot and a spherical burst shot.

After Viola's defeat at the hands of Leo Stenbuck in the warehouse, Neith suffers extensive damage, its arms having shattered into pieces with half of its head destroyed. Despite the damage, Viola claims that 'Neith is immortal'. This seems to be the case when Viola fights Leo again in the damaged machine, now renamed Zombie Neith. Despite the damage, the shattered arm pieces resonate with powerful energy, now acting as the machine's melee weapons. Its burst shot has changed to a set of six energy spheres that home in on the opponent. Even with the new abilities, it appears to function inferior to its undamaged state. Zombie Neith suffers further fatal damage when it takes the full brunt of a dislodged time bomb, having lost a leg and its arms completely. Leo tries to save Viola, but the latter threatens to make him suffer if he attempts the rescue as Neith drifts into the atmosphere of Jupiter, and finally ceases to function upon disintegration.

VS Mode Gameplay[]

Neith retains its abilities in VS Mode and is equal to Jehuty in performance. It however greatly benefits from its impressive Dash bursts, allowing it to deftly evade attacks from all ranges. Its normal shot fires several bullets in rapid succession and its Dash Shot breaks through guards, making it a frame that can excel in all ranges.

As Zombie Neith, it retains its abilities, but loses its Dash bursts, making it a much easier target. However, the fragmented arms give it the longest melee range in the game and its Burst Shot turns into six projectiles.


Neith is named after the Egyptian goddess of the same name. The goddess Neith was a goddess of war and hunting, which falls in line with the Frame runner's personality.



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