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Nephtis is the Orbital Frame piloted by the Viola A.I.. It is a more advanced version of Neith made in Viola Gyune's memory.


Nephtis's design is remarkably similar to Neith, with some key differences. While its head is the same in terms of general shape, it sports a dark glass shield that covers its face. Its hue is less vibrant, albeit brighter orange. It retains the long rod-like thrusters, but in place of the sonar-like disc is an energy ring with wings revolving around it, similar to an angel. Being an advanced version of Neith, Nephtis places emphasis on short Dash bursts that propels it faster than most Orbital Frames. While it can fire normal Shots from its fingertips, its main weapon are its wings. Nephtis is able to slash enemies at close range with them as well as fire energy blasts from its tips. Nephtis' special ability is its kamikaze attack in which it builds up inertia before rocketing forth at high speeds, crashing against all in its way without any harm to itself. In addition, it is equipped with a powerful energy shield that can repel even Burst attacks. Only solid-based weapons can penetrate it.

VS Gameplay[]

Much like Neith, Nephtis excels at Dash bursts but these bursts in particular not only carry the frame a great distance, but provide invincibility frames. While it retains its attacks from the main game, it however lacks the energy shield that made it especially dangerous. It can however use its body crash attack freely and without taking damage even if it does collide with an obstacle. The computer tends to frequently use its close-range attacks even if the player is nowhere near it.


Nephtis derives its name from Nepththys, the Egyptian Goddess formally paired with her sister Isis in funeral rites. Interestingly, Isis is another non-mass produced Orbital Frame that can be piloted solely by its A.I. Nepththys is also regarded in Egyptian mythology as the mother of Anubis.



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