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An Orbital Frame (オービタルフレーム Oubitaru Fureimuis a mechanical, often humanoid, suit that makes extensive use of Metatron-based technology. Orbital Frames were developed and are most often used by BAHRAM, who use it to the extent such that most people who encounter Orbital Frames in general believe one to be owned by the organization.

General Characteristics[]

The base statistics of an Orbital Frame are very high; Dolores was able to accelerate to a speed of around 400,000 km/hr within a matter of seconds without incorporating Zero Shift.[1] Other Type C Orbital Frames can even enter and exit the atmosphere of Earth and Mars quickly and safely without any sign of damage, demonstrating the high degree of acceleration by which they are able to achieve atmospheric escape velocities.

Orbital Frames are powered by an anti-proton reactor, which involves Metatron to considerably reduce fuel consumption.[2] An Orbital Frame typically converts the energy contained within Metatron to energy-based ammunition and weaponry. However, should the Orbital Frame be within the vicinity of a high-intensity microwave field, the energy-based weapons will not be able to function, as demonstrated when Leo and A.D.A. attempted to fire at the EPS main generator with Jehuty's energy weapons but failed.

The Artificial Intelligence of the Orbital Frame cannot be easily copied, as they are contained on Metatron-based computers which normally have their contents transferred through direct physical transplantation of the circuits.  As claimed by A.D.A. when she controls a Raptor, if the Raptor is destroyed while it is being controlled from Jehuty, she will take severe damage.

It is implied that Orbital Frames have an efficiency rating.[3] Jehuty's efficiency was high enough that it surprised veteran pilot Dingo Egret.

List of Orbital Frames[]


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