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Patrick Jaeger is a character featured in The Fist of Mars.


Jaeger visits Dezeele Zephyrs to learn more about the HarutMarut, a new riot-control LEV. However, during this time, BIS hijacks a TV station in order to publish the logs that proved that Zephyrs was behind the Bonaparte III incident. Zephyrs was able to delete the logs before they could be published.

25-Scene Path[]

However, BIS had a second set of logs that they retrieved from the Mars Angels which proved Zephyrs' guilt. As a result, Jaeger strips Zephyrs of his position; however, he and Johnny Irving are promptly shot to death by Zephyrs.

24-Scene Path[]

Without the second set of logs, BIS cannot prove Zephyr's guilt, and Jaeger does not remove Zephyrs from his position.



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