The Phantoma is the main LEV used by the UNSF. It was described as the most advanced LEV prior to the conception of the Orbital Frame, after which it was regarded as outdated and unable to match an Orbital Frame at all.[1] Despite this, the Phantoma still reamined in service throughout the Earth-Mars conflict against BAHRAM, from the 2167 Deiomos Incident to the assault on to the fortress Aumaan on Mars seven years later.


Phantoma LEVs have a slightly bulky but smooth white frame. Phantomas are built around an artificial tissue and ceramic bone body that can be equipped with a multitude of equipment packs, typically designated by a letter imprinted on the cockpit. The

Pictured here is the H type Phantoma with M.A.C. rifle and Tazer. Behind is the prototype Vic-Viper based Phantoma 2.

most common is a thruster pack that contains 7 missiles along center, 3 boosters (two at the outer ends and one directly behind the torso) and two stabilizing wings along the side connected at the shoulders. These provide stability on the ground for firing as well as acting as landing struts to support the immense weight of the thruster pack. However a different equipment pack from 2167 is seen with a combination of wing thrusters instead, it could hold a ring of smoke grenades in it's shoulder plate and lacked the ability to carry additional weapons, instead focused mainly on fast, quick, jumps.

An outline of a Phantoma as seen in Dolores,i

Phantomas are typically equipped with a rifle weapon of some sort, with the older Bahram controlled LEVs from 2167 using a large chemical projectile rifle (as it emmits muzzle flash) equipped with a underslung grenade launcher. The space force controlled Phantomas on the other hand utilize a high powered magnetically accelerated rifle that is equipped with a lower high rate-of-fire barrel for enemy supression as well as an upper high powered barrel for presision fire power( as seen used against IDOLO in it's final moments). Phantomas can also be equipped with a tazer-like weapon that stuns nearby frames similar to the sub-weapon geyser.
Chara 10

H-Type Phantoma with thruster pack and M.A.C. rifle. Pictured is the typical pilot suit worn here by Taper.



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