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Pharsti (ファースティ Fāsuti) is the A.I. that manages Testament.


Like A.D.A., she has a very direct character and detests irrationality. However, due to Pharsti having been originally synchronized with Myona Alderan and following with her wishes, she prioritizes Cage Midwell's protection and seems to demonstrate more personality than A.D.A. due to having taken a part of Myona's personality. Pharsti has also been shown to giggle and to make jokes later on in the story, such as demanding Cage "take responsibility" for keeping Pharsti's killing commands to a minimum.

It is implied that Pharsti's voice seems to reflect this change in personality well, as Razma Cascade Jr. commented that her voice was "pretty sexy".[1]


25-Scene Path[]

After Ares Enduwa and Iblis are defeated, Pharsti ejects Cage from Testament's cockpit and combines her energy with Ares and the Marlblanke Dite to protect BIS from the UNSF's missiles sent to counter the Marlblanke beam, sacrificing themselves in the process.

24-Scene Path[]

After Myona is defeated and rejoins BIS on the Saoshyant, Bolozof Velasgo takes the abandoned Iblis and attacks the Saoshyant in vengeance. Pharsti takes the initiative and directs Testament to drag Bolozof off the ship and groups with the remaining Ifrit's to crash into the UNSF missile. Pharsti sympathetically notes Bolozof's lonely personality before she dies in the crash.


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