Phobos is one of Mars' moons and the true location of Project Aumaan.


After Dingo Egret and the UNSF forces under Elena Weinberg and Leo Stenbuck invade the fake Aumaan in Vascilia, Nohman reveals to them that they had invaded the fake Aumaan and that the real Aumaan was located on Phobos. A Urenbeck Catapult soon activates, heavily damaging Jehuty and transporting Dingo, Leo, Nohman, and Ken Marinaris to Phobos. Soon after defeating Nohman and Anubis in the damaged Jehuty, Dingo manages to upgrade Jehuty with the Metatron from Anubis into Naked Jehuty, and flies to the center of Phobos to stop Nohman from activating Aumaan. Similarly, however, Nohman upgrades Anubis as well, using the Metatron from Aumaan to upgrade it to Aumaan Anubis.

Dingo defeats and kills Nohman and Aumaan activates, with Leo flying in to witness A.D.A. self-destruct Jehuty to cancel out Aumaan's explosion. However, Dingo finds Anubis's disembodied head in the limbo simulated by the explosion and throws it to the center of the explosion to cancel it out. While the blast is successfully stifled, it nonetheless manages to destroy Phobos.


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