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Dr. Rachel Stewart Links (レイチェル・スチュワート・リンクス Reicheru Suchuwāto Rinkusu) is the scientist responsible for the creation of the Orbital Frame, producing and designing Idolo, Isis, and Hathor. Rachel ended up working for BAHRAM to secure Martian independence.


Though she loved James, her dedication to her countrymen on Mars caused her to leave him. She believed that her skills and knowledge could help Mars to gain independence from Earth's oppression. She is also a little naive at times, not unlike her husband.


2167 Idolo[]

Later, as Rachel realizes Radium Lavans's descent into madness due to piloting Idolo, she requests to be excused from the project. However, her knowledge of military secrets forces a BAHRAM officer to place her under arrest. One of her assistants, revealed to have been a spy for the UNSF, takes her from her cell to retrieve information about the Orbital Frame for Earth.


At the beginning of Dolores, i, Rachel was apparently believed to have been deceased.[1] It is later revealed, however, that she was held captive on Mars, where she spent much of her time watering the roses in the underground garden. Later, her children, noel, and leon arrive and rescue her from the compound, though Radium hints that he was partially responsible for allowing them to do so.

After the events of Radium's raid on the Earth Orbital Elevator, Rachel was shown to have been pregnant with another child.[2]


  • As shown on her profile, Rachel was born on July 4, 2126 in the Nereidamu County of Mars. This may be a misspelling of Nereidum, however.

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