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Raiah (ライアー Raiā) is a self-proclaimed "Mars 1st" broker. He initially plays a minor role in Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars, but plays a more major role in Zone of the Enders: Dolores,i.


It is greatly hinted from Raiah's interactions with James Links that he has gained a notorious reputation for handing the most dangerous of trucker jobs to other truckers. Raiah also cares more for the pay than the job, as shown when he takes Cage's request to drop him off near BIS's headquarters as a sign that his job was completed and his pay secured.

Raiah is also overly sensitive about the topic of his blonde-haired, well-built, family man father. Notably, the description of this father seems to match James.



Rumor has it that Raiah moved to Mars due to some trouble at home.[1] This is also hinted when Raiah complains about his father making a scene and managing to get him into trouble while preparing to smuggle Cage Midwell out of Hellespontos.


Raiah is shown asking James to deliver a mystery package. The mystery client, later revealed to be Rachel Links, specifically requested James for the job. James however, does not buy into his words initially and ignores him to go about his business, and Raiah is left searching for another man to take up the job. Raiah later appears in a stripper bar, where James begs him for the job. Raiah, however, confidently reveals that he gave the job to another man already, but gives James the job when the man is revealed to have been assassinated.

The Links family eventually encounter Raiah again on Mars. He later removes the "ISIS" marking from Dolores's head and replaces it with a "Dolores" marking.

The Fist of Mars[]

Raiah appears as Twede Grey's contact and arrives to smuggle Cage out of the Hellespontos county. He prepares a fake ID and papers, as well as some over-sized clothes for Cage to change into. Cage's eventual refusal to leave BIS and Mars causes Raiah some problems at first, though Raiah is happy to accept the pay without having to transport Cage out of Mars.


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