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The Raptor is a basic unmanned Orbital Frame that appears throughout the series as a regular enemy class and are regarded to be the basic grunt frame of the series. Manned Raptors appear in Zone of the Enders: Dolores,i, however.


Raptors are mainly beige in color (though they appear black in Dolores, i). Their entire torso consists of a bare spine, clavicles and shoulder blades which are connected by rather tiny wings. Their arms are rather skinny and their head possesses a pronounced beak. Underneath the beak is a rolling, camera-like glowing eye though this eye is armed with a beam gun as ADA reveals that Raptors do not operate on sight. At the end of each arm is a blade of energy (referred to as a sword) which is used for close-quarters combat. For long range combat, Raptors possess the Javelin and Geyser weapons. Their burst attack is the Bounder, a sphere of energy that rebounds from the ground and targets the enemy should it miss on the first pass. While relatively weak individually, they are formidable in numbers. It is also because of their barebones appearance that they can be outfitted with sets of equipment that grant them new abilities and weapons.

Notable Appearances[]

In Zone of the Enders , Leo Stenbuck acquires a program which allows Jehuty to control one of these unmanned (albeit handicapped) frames. The controlled Raptor has Jehuty's basic abilities, but is much weaker. In addition, either the control program or the Raptor itself uploads a virus that cripples Jehuty from the inside; whether all Raptors have this virus or whether it was planted as a trap is unknown. As revealed, Raptors do not discern enemies by sight, so they will always sense when something is amiss.

In Zone of the Enders: Dolores,i, manned Raptors are seen piloted by BAHRAM grunts called The Yans. Dolores uses a Raptor Control System that manages to turn the Raptors guarding a BAHRAM base against it, enabling Leon, Noel, Cindy, and Raiah to enter the base and free Rachel Links. After Rachel is freed and they escape through their truck, one Raptor follows Dolores and stays with the group before helping Dolores protect a Martian sphere. The Raptor is destroyed while protecting a woman and her child from the crossfire of UNSF LEV's and a Nebula.


Unlike most Orbital Frames which were named after Egyptian Gods, the Raptor mean "bird of prey", which is likely reference to its beak-like head.

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