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Ravana (ラヴァナ Ravana) is an Orbital Frame that appears as boss in Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars.


As remarked by members of BIS upon Ned's death in the 24-scene path, Ravana was a king who requested for immortality and immunity from the divine, but his downfall was a result of his neglecting to include other people in the deal.

In Hindu Mythologhy, Ravana was the son of the great sage Vishrava. He once tried to appease the God of Creation by cutting of his head for 10 times. Finally, the God gave him the Nectar of Immortallity and increased his head and limbs tenfold. Later in his life, Ravana began a ruthless conquest to rule all of the six worlds, the Protector God came in the form of Rama to bring him down. At the final battle, the gift of having plenty of limbs and heads led to his downfall ,as Rama (along with Hanuman and Lakshmana) made an easy target out of him by firing arrows at his gargantuan body. Ravana, as the epic goes, died as a pin cushion, but he died feeling remorse for his sins. Knowing that and thus feeling remorseful, Ravana was not reborn in a lower plane.

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