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Razma Cascade Jr.(ラズマ・カスケイドJr. Razuma Kasukeido Junia) is a character featured in The Fist of Mars.


Razma is an outgoing skirt-chaser. Despite his tendency for immaturity, however, he is reliable and intelligent. He shares a love-hate relationship with Semyl Shambrow. An exceptional sniper, his eyesight and hearing, and natural perception, mean that he is able to notice things that others miss. Has a tendency to flirt with any and/or every nearby female, particularly Mebius K. Lylekraft, whom he has a slight crush on.


His LEV is called Dreizehn. A long-range unit, it has the accuracy to match Razma's natural sniping ability. Like Caliburnus, it is ineffective up close, but it's ranged attacks mean that it is ideal for softening up opponents before they reach the close-combat units.


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