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Rebecca Hunter (レベッカ・ハンター Rebekka Hantā) is a young BAHRAM commanding officer[1] who is captured by James Links during their fight on Mars. She is a rather intense person, although somewhat naive and inexperienced with life in general. As she has been indoctrinated to consider every Earthling an enemy, she feels uneasy that James actually treats her kindly, and that he and the Martian scientist Rachael Links are married.

Although a skilled pilot, her lack of experience is apparent when fighting James. She loves her adopted father and commander Napth Pleminger very much, and accepts everything he says as truth.[2] It is revealed that Rebecca is aware of her father's true identity.[3]

Rebecca eventually becomes disillusioned with BAHRAM, after having been saved by James during Radium's raid, while one of The Yans in a manned Mummyhead blasts at her, disregarding her existence in order to kill James. Ultimately, her fears are truly realized when Radium, deluded that everybody else is willing to get in between him and Dolores, blasts at her with Hathor and states that Dolores was the only person in his life. Once again, she is saved by James, who uses Dolores to shield her from Hathor's Halberd, while Axel pulls her out of harm's way.

Rebecca and Axel ultimately fly to Earth, where they dock on the shores of a beach and walk away from Axel's damaged AlterNeith. A few months after the incident, Rebecca sends an email to James, saying that life on Earth was not as tough as she thought and the warmth was not too bad, hinting that she leads a better life.


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