Regular Force LEV A is a new-model LEV used by the UNSF. It has the same stats as the Regular Force LEV A. However, it's Laser Blade can do more damage. In addition, it is equipped with a Missile instead of a Machine Gun; The Missile does more damage and has a longer range, but it has a minimum range of three squares, it has less ammo, and it is less likely to hit.


Move: 5

Shell: 230

Move Type: Land

Name: Reg. LEV B

HP: 1800

EN: 130

Drops $300 when destroyed.

Weapon Power Range Hit Type Can Stun? Spirit Ammo UsedEN Note
Laser Blade Icon-Arrow 700 1 (+10) Fighter No 0 0 2
Missile 800 3-5 (-5) Shooter No 0 4 0


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