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The Reinforced LEV C is a new-model LEV used by the UNSF. It has the same stats as the Reinforced LEV A and the Reinforced LEV B. It uses a Beam Gun as its ranged weapon; it does as much damage as the Reinorced LEV B's Missiles without the limited ammo capacity, and it has a lower minimum range. In addition, it is more accurate than the Missiles. However, the Reinforced LEV C's Laser Blade is slightly weaker.


Move: 5

Shell: 400

Move Type: Land

Name: LEV C α

HP: 2800

EN: 130

Drops $800 when destroyed.

Weapon Power Range Hit Type Can Stun? Spirit Ammo UsedEN Note
Laser Blade Icon-Arrow.png 800 1 (+10) Fighter No 0 0 2
Beam Gun 1000 2-5 0 Shooter No 0 0 10