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Rikoah Hardiman (リコア・ハーディマン Rikoa Hādiman) is Nohman's father and the original leader of Project Aumaan. Rikoah is only mentioned in the story and remains unseen, but is frequently referred to as a successful and brilliant scientist. However, it could be discerned from his preoccupation with Aumaan and his construction of Anubis, in particular programming its A.I. DELPHI, that Rikoah holds a nihilistic view of the world and aims to destroy it. He eventually passes this view to his son through both of his projects.

Napth Pleminger credits Rikoah as the "father of Orbital Frame technology" and for the design of Anubis. After Rikoah's death, which Rully notes happened under mysterious circumstances, his son takes over the project.[1] Due to Rikoah's fame, Dezeele Zephyrs has harbored a grudge against him and a desire to surpass him.


  1. Episode 16, 10:28 - 10:42

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