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Rutger Tyusha is a BAHRAM general featured in Zone of the Enders: Dolores,i.


General Tyusha sports a moderate beard about his chin, and is similar in appearance and voice to American president Abraham Lincoln. As was typical of BAHRAM generals, he wore a white military uniform lined with gold decorations.


General Tyusha is first shown making a victory speech on BAHRAM's success at the Antilla raid. Shortly after, he is shown making plans on the dissolution and aggressive takeover of the other Martian political parties, especially the moderate faction.

Though General Tyusha had originally planned to take over the Earth Orbital Elevator, he is promptly shocked when his own Raptors are suddenly shut down by Radium Lavans, who declares his intent to force the Elevator to crash on Earth altogether, completely wiping out the population. General Tyusha is said afterwards to have committed suicide afterwards.


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