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Sameggi (サメジ Sameji) is a WYRED officer, and Baan Dorfloum's assistant.


Though he respected his superior to some extent, Baan's racist views and his increasingly alarming antics force Sameggi to reconsider at several points throughout the story. When Baan's personal vendetta with James Links causes him to turn on both Martian civilans and even other UNSF forces, Sameggi is quick to to turn against him.


Sameggi is introduced as Derfloum's second in command, and treats hunting down "John Carter" (James Links) as a routine fugitive apprehension, as Links was framed for killing a Space Force officer when a routine inspection turned deadly when one of the officers was a BAHRAM inflitrator. However, when Baan suffers scarring injuries during the chase, his vendetta turns rabid, and Sameggi is forced to oppose his commanding officer to protect Martian civilans from his wrath.  At the climax of Dorfloum's antagonism towards the Links family, Sameggi mutinies against his superior and promptly relieves him of duty, stating that he "should've done so from the beginning."

After his superior's death, he takes command of WYRED and directs it to support James Links.

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