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Scarmiglione is a humanoid Orbital Frame piloted by BAHRAM frame runner Amante Furlair. It appears in the Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars as a boss.

It appears to be a palette swap of Grafficane but has different attacks. Unlike Grafficane, Scarmiglione does not appear as a regular enemy later in the game. In the bad story path, Nadia Candido also pilots a Scarmiglione.

It attacks with blades from its hand reminiscent of a cat's claw, called 'Beatrice'. Scarmiglione also has a ranged attack called 'Chain Shot' but this is rarely used in battle and is mainly shown in cut scenes.


  • Scarmiglione's namesake comes from one of the 12 known Malebranche of the Malebolge from Dante's Divine Comedy.

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