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Tadamichi E. Yukito (タダミチ・E・ユキトウ Tadamichi Ī Yukitou) is a character featured in The Fist of Mars.


Yukito is an ardent fan of and expert in old-school sci-fi, low-budget movei stars, and 20th-21st century Japanimation, all relatively antique tastes considering that he was born and raised in the later 22nd century.[1] Yukito also has a tendency to become absorbed in his own little world and has several odd quirks, such as toasting with a glass of water to wish everybody to come back safely and giving Semyl a "100 ton-hammer" (which turns out to be pretty light) to hit Razma with. Perhaps humorously, if not usefully, he tells everyone in their espionage mission to one of the Ryan Corporation's factories not to "move three squares" within a Security LEV or a battle will start. He is also responsible for nicknaming the LEV's Francesca and Torador.

However, Yukito is mature in his self-assurance and is deeply individual. He ignores his family's wishes for him to join the corporate pack, stating, "Suits don't become me," and left home.[1] Yukito also saw as a child how even the highest echelons of Martian society was considered inferior to Earth. He gets along well with Warren Lumenlux, who is among the few to actually understand and tolerate his quirks, and is a fan of the Mars Angels.



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