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Tim Frazer (ティム・フレイザー Timu Fureizā) is a UNSF security supervisor stationed on Mars.


Frazer is a firm believer in UNSF regulations, even when his former colleague and brother Deckson Geyse was the one freeing the prisoners he captured. However, after he helps rescue Nadia, he feels relieved and eventually provides BIS with the anti-stealth they need in the bad ending path.

Frazer appears older than his years due to endless problems with the Resistance, which is implied to be related to his being forever single.[1]



In his childhood, Frazer had followed Deckson around as a younger brother, wearing the same clothes and even getting the same job. During their happier childhood times, Frazer and Deckson had formed their own secret code, which later becomes useful when Frazer sends the anti-stealth package to Deckson in the bad story path. The two had a falling out, however, when they ended up liking the same girl, who is hinted to resemble Nadia.

At some point, he had instructed Nadia Candido for a short time in some subject, though the two are not close otherwise.

UNSF Career[]

Frazer is introduced after Cage Midwell and Myona Alderan crash land in Hellespontos County and interrogates Cage. Frazer is easily taken in by the results of Ned Noachim's investigation and believes that Cage had initiated the attack. Shortly after, though, Deckson and Ares Enduwa manage to break Cage and Myona out, forcing Frazer to pilot a Security Force LEV A and pursue them. Frazer fails to catch Deckson, either due to Phil's AFV Blade escaping or the defeat of he and his guards' LEV's, depending on the actions of the player.

Frazer is later seen apologizing to Nadia for his subordinate's brashness. Nadia comments on Frazer's status as a security guard, but Frazer defends it by stating his interest only to fulfill his post as instructed.

When Bolozof Velasgo sets up Nadia as a member of BIS, Frazer, whether he is defeated or not, rescues Nadia without her consent after the player positions a unit over their gallows, stating that even though they may be on different sides due to Bolozof's actions, a teacher should protect his students.

Bad Story Path[]

Frazer is revealed to have provided BIS with the anti-stealth they used to defeat the cloaked UNSF soldiers. However, Bolozof reveals himself to be alive and kills Frazer after discovering his treachery. Frazer later reveals himself to be alive after Nadia is defeated at the Oxygen Plant and mourns his brother's death.



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