Hi for Everyone!

Let be honest: This is my first blog article in the whole Wikia site. But I felt to write here because that's half-related to Zone of the Enders.

So, I started a crossover fanfiction series with this awesome mecha series and the infamous magical girl series Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I know that's a really unusual pairing, but why not?

The story will take place one year after the destruction of Aumaan and an alternate universe of PMMM, when Madoka made her contract with Kyubey to eliminate the existense of Witches. But as the effects of her wish, things turned worse later. And some old enemy returned to make their vengeance on Dingo. But those enemies need to find another energy source which would be more dangerous than Metatron...    

I won't write here everything because I want it as surprise what will be happen after... :D So, I've already finished with the Intro part and I'm currently writing the first chapter. You can find this here (and yes, title will be Panta Rhei Effect :) )

Feel free to read it, and if you' ve got any idea for the story you can add here, too ;)

See you later ;)