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Warren Lumenlux (ウォーレン・ルーメンルクス Wōren Rūmenrukusu) is a member of BIS featured in Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars.


Warren is an ex-mercenary: he is often overly cautious and serious, but nevertheless, is an excellent soldier. The "strong, silent type," he rarely reveals his feelings. He is an excellent strategist, and the second-in-command of BIS.

Tadamichi E. Yukito notices that Warren has displayed signs of attraction to Mebius K. Lylekraft, though Warren has no thoughts about getting into a serious relationship with her and only wishes to work beside her.



Formerly a mercenary, Warren was apparently killed by Ned Noachim at some point in the past. It is implied from the other BIS members' lack of reaction to Warren's presence that he was in BIS for some time after he was attacked by Ned.


Warren is first seen revealing himself and his Orbital Frame to Ned after the latter kidnaps orphans in Pandora Frettum and places them inside unmanned LEV's to frame BIS. He proposes to fly next to the LEV's to undo the explosives, after which the LEV's can be safely destroyed and the children rescued. He is later seen along with the other BIS members when they catch up to Cage and rescue him from being assaulted by UNSF soldiers. Around this time, Warren also becomes suspicious of Ares Enduwa, though he admits it is a hunch and there is no rational basis for his suspicions.

However, Warren's suspicions would be proven correct after Ares reveals himself as a BAHRAM leader and spokesperson shortly after being kidnapped and assumed dead. Later, after Deckson dies, Warren leads BIS.



Warren's last name "Lumenlux" can be divided into two terms, "lumen" and "lux". Both are SI units related to the emission of light.[2][3]


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